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PARYAGRAJ: After the End of kumbh mella and so much wait finally saints are marching towards the ram Janam Bhoomi (Ayodhya) on 21st February 2019,  For the construction of magnificent Lord Ram temple.

After the petition of the central government  in the Supreme Court, the hope for the revival of 12 temples in the 67 acres of the disputed area acquired for the Ram temple in Ayodhya has increased. After the acquisition, the worship was stopped in these temples. Pooja worship was done in 4 temples of the acquired area till 1995, which was arranged by the amount of money coming to Ramlal’s donation, but after the High Court’s ban in 1995, the worship was stopped in these four temples.

For the construction of the temple of Lord Ram, including the Ayodhya and the whole country is being attacked, there is no worship in one of the dozen temples present in the same occupied premises. Accepted by Acharya Satyendra Das, the chief priest of Lord Ram temple, then the idols in this temple have become inexhaustible.

Indian supreme court now itself looks like Taliban for the Hindus by its anti Hindu stance just because of that majority of  Hindus now rethinking about their trust in that corrupt organisation that Is been run by anti Hindu people who always make decisions against Hindu festivals, culture and ways of life and reason why that are able to do that and are succeeding in this because Hindus are not protesting or are under one umbrella of dharma they are been divided by the caste and mentally weaken by fake secularism that is been spoon feed to them by their childhood to abuse Hindus in all walk of life.

As an incompetent organisation that can’t even solve a case that is been pending since independence what else Hindus can expect from the supreme court, Hindus are under attack by this anti Hindu organisation  since independence.

Now its high time for the Hindus to think what steps they should take that they can overcome this problem and trash the coming hurdles between the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

An Incompetent and anti Hindu organisation that was built for providing justice is taking all matter lightly and playing game with the truth, devotion and Beliefs of Hindus and also coming between Hindus and their Lord Ram since Independence.

Moreover this Organisation don’t have time for the hearing of Ram temple case but it can be opened for the terrorists at midnight.

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