Martyrs’ Day: Don’t Forget Your Real Heroes

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At this day On 23 March 1931, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru Kadesh-devotion were hanged on the gallows, calling them  criminals who acted against british raj. It is said that the death penalty was fixed on the morning of March 24, but by the fear of a big public outcry British Government got frightened and fixed the death penalty on the night of March 23, the lifelong revolutionaries were hanged. In the darkness of the night, their funeral’s were also done on the banks of the river Sutlej.
Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death at the age of 24, he laughs at the night of 23 March 1931 and kisses the hangman’s trumpet, by loudly saying ‘Inqlab Zidabad’.
Bhagat Singh was and still an inspirational source for the youth of India. They were the leader of country’s martyrs.
It is the biggest shame for the country that they don’t remember their real heroes and also their no public holiday for remembering their martyrdom,acknowledging their contribution in India’s freedom struggle.

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