India won’t Hesitate to Use Force If Needed: President

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NEW DELHI: President ‘Ram Nath Kovind’ on Thursday said India will not hesitate using might to protect its national sovereignty as our men and women in uniform will rise to the occasion, if needed.

The President was at the Halwara air force station to award the President’s Standard to the Indian Air Force (IAF)’s 51 Squadron and Colours to the 230 Signal Unit.

“India has gained a standing as the world’s fastest growing economy. While we remain firmly committed to peace, we will not hesitate using our might to protect the sovereignty of our nation, if the need be. Our armed forces reflect this firm national resolve,” he said while addressing the gathering.

The President said the 51 Squadron and the 230 Signal Unit have distinguished themselves in service to the nation. “They have a rich history of professional excellence and have served India with honour and distinction both during peace and hostilities,” he said.

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