US Senate Warns Russia of Sanctions because of s-400

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A group of US lawmakers told the US State Department in a letter that any sale of Russian S-400 air defense system to foreign country should lead to new punitive measures as stipulated in the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

We are writing today to specifically inquire about reported negotiations between Russia and certain countries over sales of the Russian government’s S-400 air defense system and whether these reported deals could trigger mandatory CAATSA sanctions on Russia.

The lawmakers also requested that the State Department provide detailed analysis on the current status of Russian S-400 talks with China, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and any other country.

The senators based their letter on a report produced by the Congressional Research Service, which showed that Russia has been working on potential defense deals with different countries. Menendez and co-signers demanded information on how the State Department is trying to prevent the sales of S-400 being finalized and reiterated Washington’s accusations of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and meddling in democratic process in foreign states.

India is one of those countries who are seeking S-400 Air defense systems from Russia and their were reports a few days earlier that Indian Army have successful trials of s-400 in Russia and talks to acquire these systems are on final stages.

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