Daler Mehndi Convicted For Trafficking

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NEW DELHI: A well-known Punjabi singer (Daler Mehndi) has  been convicted of human trafficking and cheating after a court found he pretended people were in his performance band so they could get jobs in North America.

Daler Mehndi says he is innocent. He was sentenced to two years in prison but was freed on bail Friday to appeal his conviction.

Prosecutors say Mehndi and his brother took “passage money” from Indians they offered to disguise as performers in his band. Then Ban job-seekers could stay in the United States and Canada to find work.

The cheated convict alleges the brothers took money from many Indian’s and never took them abroad.

Mehndi had huge fame in the early 1990s with Punjabi-language songs and energetic dancing. He also lent his voice for some Bollywood film songs.

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