Canadian MP Wants Canada To Declare Anti-Sikh Violence In India During 1980s A Genocide

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CANADA: Canadian MP and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says Canada must declare the anti-Sikh violence that took place in India more than three decades ago as a genocide.

Singh – who spent much of this week defending himself following the emergence of several videos showing him appearing at various events where others promoted Sikh independence and violence – says there is clear evidence attacks on Sikhs by paid political goons which followed the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 by her sikh bodyguards were not spontaneous, but rather organized by the Indian government.

He is the same Leader who promotes Khalistan and violence on Sikh Religious and cultural lines in canada for his dirty politics and sikh vote bank.

It is seen in the Past he refused to condemn Air India bombing of 1985 by SIKH EXTREMISTS  living in Canada which take the life of all 329 passengers of that Air India  plane including the crew of 22 as an act of Terror.

He is well recognized for his Anti-Hindu and Anti-India stance.


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