Islamisation of West Bengal

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West Bengal is on its Path of becoming the next Kashmir by ever rising killings of Hindus and growing Muslim population.

The state, which once was known for its rich and vibrant culture across the country, has recently become the graveyard of Hindus thanks to Muslim appeasement policy being followed by all political parties for decades.

No party ignores the power of 30 per cent Muslim vote bank which is on the rise with the passing of every single day. Infiltration from Bangladesh and non-existence of family planning among the Muslims which have the highest birth rate are the two important reasons which are resulting in the growth of the Muslim population in the state of West Bengal.

The Ever Rising Population of Muslims with no proper education and huge Un-Employment among muslim youth becomes perfect cocktail for easily getting involved in criminal and terrorist activities.

Hindus are being repeatedly targeted by Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Muslim-dominated areas of India like Kerala, Uttar-Pradesh and Kashmir.

Wherever, the Muslim population rises the Muslim extremists starts Islamisation of their dominated  areas on fast phase by changing names of the areas with which are related to Islam religion and by killing, converting Hindu’s slowly slowly.



As of 2017, More than 30% of West Bengal population is considered to be of Muslims.

No Political party or Media Channel ever discuss or debate on this Issue because they have some political or money interest behind this.

India, a country which was divided by Muslim’s on Religious Lines in 1947 can’t Ignore these facts.



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