Indian Media- A Friend or Foe ?

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Indian Media is nothing more than a propaganda tool of leftists, Muslims and so called fraud secular’s
which establish and control media houses by funding them with money or supporting them politically.

Indian media is biased because its Mostly run by people belonging to Congress party, communist-Left and Muslism’s which donate alot of Money to Indian media houses in return for spreading their propaganda.

When ever a Muslim die All Indian media channels debate for 10 days says intolerance all over the country Hindus did this that and don’t tell the real reason why it happened which always started by a Muslim doing something against Hindu’s, but whenever a Hindu die they didn’t even show that or debate for so long and talked about Jihadi’s who are intolerant.

They have journalists who would go to any extent to drive forward their agenda, by totally ignoring the real news.

You can just go through recent news and see for yourself.

Chandan Gupta case: No media channel told you the real thing that a boy named Chandan was been killed for raising national flag by shooting a bullet on his head by Muslims in Uttar Pardesh and after that Muslim people threatened their family members also and ask to withdraw complaint.

Ankit saxena case: A 23 year old boy was been killed by member of muslim family by stabbing knife into his throat for loving a Muslim girl but when we talk about love jihad they say its a relation between two persons don’t link religion with this, how double standard and clever they became at that point of time.

J.N.U Row: NDTV and ABP News ran 24×7 coverage with criticizing Delhi Police and Central government (For some reason) which is an indirect support to leftists.

Kanhaiya Kumar: NDTV aired his whole speech. Later did interviews with him, showing him in more than favorable light, even though he’s out on bail and not acquitted.

Malda: Minimal coverage on NDTV and ABP News. Zee News aired it 24×7. where Hindus were attacked by Muslism’s.

Dadri: NDTV & ABP News covered 24×7 attacking central government, even though it was a UP state affair.

Smriti Irani Accident: NDTV and other left media houses blamed Smriti Irani for the accident, even though, as it turned out, the girl was lying and real culprit came forward a few days later.

Horse beating row: NDTV and all other left channels aired news that BJP MLA beat up a horse during protests causing it real harm. As it turned out, that was untrue as well. All this while completely ignoring an R.S.S worker hacked to death by CPI(M) cadres in Kerala.

ABP News – It’s Full form in Anand Bazar Patrika and is of the same group. ABP has been one of the oldest newspapers published in India and owner is Aveek Sarkar . He is mostly pro leftist .

NDTV – House of Corruption . Founder Prannoy Roy & his wife Radhika Roy . Brinda Karat leader of CPM is sister of Radhika Roy. Also Prannoy Roy has been a great darbari of Gandhi’s because he has been mostly benefited from it. He was nominated by Indian government in council of foreign relations in Washington.

AAJ Tak – Owner Aroon Puri. Also owns India today Group. India today group was started by his father & his sister Madhu Trehan was editor for this magazine.

The Hindu – Edited by Siddharth Varadrajan. He was Media advisor to UPA-2 (Congress Party).

The Wire – Its a social media tool for spreading Pro-left, Pro-Muslim ‘propoganda’ and is  branch of Communists which is always Anti Hindu.

The Indian media has no moral compass and they do whatever suits their needs, be it TRPs, supporting a particular party or simply being paid for propagating false news which they are spreading and portraying bad people as innocent.

No, one care’s about country or the society these people are agents of political parties who are driving their false agenda and making your mind in favour of them in return they get huge amount of money and political support.


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