Can RSS Really Make An Army Within 3 Days ?

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RSS ( Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ) 

“National Patriotic Organisation” , is an Indian right-wingHindu nationalistparamilitary volunteer organisation which claimed a commitment to selfless service to India.

Founded on 27 September 1925, 92 years ago with just hand full of people  but now its the world’s largest voluntary missionary organization with 5-6 million active members and 56,859 shakhas (branches)  spreaded all over India and still spreading fast in the areas it doesn’t have much  influence i;e communist dominated areas of Kerala ,West Bengal and growing very fast and getting stronger day by day.

we have seen in the  past when there was a war between India & china in 1962 RSS plays a good role at that time by defending India from the Chinese betrayal and aggression. Swayamsevaks from across the country were assembled in the war-zone of north-east India with relief materials. They helped the Indian army as well as locals in their hard times.

During crisis, Swayamsevaks also did volunteering at traffic signals in major cities like Delhi. The Swayamsevaks offered the  their services to maintain law and order of the country and RSS was the first organisation to donate blood in war .

By seeing the work of RSS in the war then prime minister of India Mr. Nehru invited RSS to participate  in the Republic Day Parade of 1963. That was the time when RSS was not so big and strong but still ready to fight and shed blood for protecting the nation  but now the RSS is much more bigger and stronger than  ever and is a  5-6 million strong force.

So yes we can think that the RSS will be again in the action if those circumstances arises again or if there would be any threat to our motherland India. It might even take a week or two but surely RSS has the potential to make an army so fast  because of its Shakahas which is attended by milions of people all across India on daily basis.

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